Thursday, February 4, 2010

In my eLearning class, I was given the assignment to take a short course from any subject I wanted, and to make not of the things I liked and did not like, and to experience a popular online learning website. I must say, it was more familar then I thought it would be.

I worked at FedEx-Kinkos, now known as Fedex Office. While there, I had to take specific courses to become skilled enough (gauged by the online learning site and my superior) to take on certain tasks. These tasks, and the courses I took, would help me get to the next pay scale. The FedEx learning intranet was way ahead of it's time, now that I look back on it, and very much resembled this online learning program. Audio, video, graphics, test, and LOTS of reading, it felt like I was back making copies.

Unlike the FedEx learning program, this one has social interaction and focus groups to be a part of. I did not partake in ths process. What I did see that was similar, was the inabilty to skip too far forward but still see what progress I made and what was left to do. I think this gives the learning hope that it will enevitably be over. I think this could be an overlooked feature, but is very important to the learner.