Saturday, September 18, 2010

Portfolio and Graduation

Well the time has finally come. I am a week away from my P.A.C. review, then a week after that is portfolio show. I am really happy with what I have to show, and I am working on last minute tweaks on my shell and print pieces.

My portfolio is going to consist of:
1. Interactive Shell (A kiosk style menu of my work)
2. Looping Reel
3. Print Pieces
4. Display Board

My display should really catch everyone's eye when they walk in the room. I am really looking forward to any feed back I receive at P.A.C. so I can be as unique as possible at the actual portfolio show. At the beginning, my goal was to have best portfolio, but now I am just trying to make it as entertaining and unique as possible so possible employers go back and talk about how cool it was.

My next post will most likely be after my portfolio show. I will upload pictures when I get them!

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