Saturday, June 21, 2008

England & Flight to Germany

Hey All, We have had fun in England, but now it's time to head to Munich. Home of the Beer Gardens, BMW's, and Beautiful Weather! Below are some pictures of our last days in England and our travel over to Germany. No pictures of the Munich airport though, they have tough security.

Little roads, big trucks. The drivers know what they are doing over in England.

About to eat some food at a local pub in Gallgate

Awesome pub, awesome food!

Our tiny room in London, it was ok though. The beer was cold in the bar and the people were really nice. It was the week of the people were dressed in their best. The women wore hats of all sizes and shapes, and the men wore morning coats. Google that.

We got to share this awesome.

Breakfast done right in the Heathrow airport. Notice the big beer.

Mom, before they hassled her on the size of her carry on luggage. They were strict in London, but we acted like dumb Americans and got away with it.

Hey hey, it's early.

Writing out plans on what we are going to do when we get into Munich.

Inside London/Heathrow Airport.

Mom and I eating burgers in the airport...they were not all that good.

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