Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where My Father Is From

Here are some photos of my fathers house in Halton. Other pictures of from surrounding areas around Lancaster including Morecombe. Check out this panoramic picture of the sea at low tide. You can walk out on to it and take pictures of the coast as if your standing in the water during high tide. This is where we spread my grandmothers ashes.

Standing next to a really short door across from Lancaster Castle. Who knows how old this building is, obviously people where shorter then.

This is the Garan house. My family built this home, the number 17 has always been a lucky number for the Townson's, and my dad found it interesting that the house number has become 17. It was always just referred to by it's name, the Garan Home which stands for Garry and Andrea, my father and aunts names.

My father and aunts road. They were one of two houses on it.

My Aunt Andrea's school.

Canal Boats

For all the pictures we have taken, Click Here. Pictures will be uploaded throughout the trip.

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Can Bass 1 said...

Welcome to England, Mr Townson. I do hope you enjoy your stay.