Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prague, Czech Republic

Our trip from Munich to Prague was not without some adventure! After boarding the train in Munich, we traveled to a small town where we disembarked to board a bus...again our luggage proved to be inconvenient, to say the least! We boarded another train in a rather dilapidated train station on the Czech boarder called Dolomice and traveled with open windows in the heat, with exhaust from the engine permeating the car. We did get some pics of views along the way.

Our hotel in Prague made up for the train! I especially like the bathroom!

We took a tour of the city. Here we are with Dana, our guide...our own Sandra Brown! We're standing where scenes from Mission Impossible were shot.

Shots from the Charles Bridge. It is over 600 years old!

Old Town Square

The Astronomical Clock's face not only tells the current time, but relates the movement of the planets around the earth and the sun and moon through the signs of the zodiac.

The guard stands before Prague Castle.

The castle is the home of the president of the Czech Republic. Most of it is open to the public.

St. Vitus's Cathedral is on the castle grounds. It was begun by Prince Wenceslas (later to become the patron saint of Prague). It is absolutely magnificent! The windows in one of the chapels appear to be stained glass, but is actually painted.

Wenceslas Chapel

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