Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portfolio Capstone Ideas

A website where musicians can record a song with other musicians live, over the internet, in real time. Collaborate with people all over the world and edit your song together as a group.

Enter in contest to prove your online groups talent and win prizes and online record deals.

Log in to see a massive sound bank of samples, and songs open for use to the public. Critique members work and give them pointers on better techniques.

Mobile Componet:

On the fly recording through mobile apps and uploading to the website.


Other Sites:

More about these links to come

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Redesigning Blogger said...

This is very informative Mike, and the more often you can stop to document this story, even brief activity, will help to build a story about how you are interpreting your role in music and interactive media. We seldom see this good a match of one's passions coming together - go deeper and keep us informed as your project takes shape. I assure you we will get the story out and will enjoy your excitement and creativity in this process!