Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Video Chat with Alan

I chatted with Alan last night via iChat, which is really the way to do business. There is something lost with conversations over the phone. For instance, when you are really immersed and excited about a subject and your interrupting each other with ideas, you can cut out the down time of "no you can go, no YOU can go", banter.

Anyway, Alan and I talked about some of his technology he was using and where the company is going with the Jam Cast software and how it will soon snowball with the amount of activity & users once bands realize they can make a living while playing the music they love to an online audience. We spoke about getting me set up with the ejamming software and taking notes while installing and first time use. This way I can help add some input from a users point of view. He is also interested in me helping with the interface and making it easy to use for all band members.

With that subject in mind, we spoke about how bands usually have one or two members that are computer/recording savvy. This means, in order for the product to work, all the members should be able to use the product without trouble. I hope to bring some insight to that subject to help the product be more efficient.

Hopefully I can test the product in a home, school, and recording studio environment, to really test all the bugs out on different levels of hardware. I will be installing it on a MacBookPro with a firewire audio interface. My lead singer has a protools system using a Digi003 mixer interface. I am not sure how the school is running the studio now-a-days but I will report back with that later.

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