Saturday, July 18, 2009 Opportunities

I spoke with Alan Glueckman, one of the owners of since class on Thursday. He was impressed with my band and out self-motivated marketing progress and ability. He was also intrigued by my capstone project idea, as it lines up with his up & coming website release. They pretty much have the same ideas I have, but I am sure some of my ideas are a little different.

Either way, Alan expressed that he thinks I might be an asset to his testing and building of his new project and extended an invitation to work as a virtual intern for the company and test his product and site. He also showed interest in using my band as a sound board and testing team for his product.

Prof. Batchelder is looking into whether or not we can install and run the software in the roecording studio, so that I can test the technology and maybe build a site around it for capstone. More to come, but I feel my progress has good strength.

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